Blog Challenge March 2015


Maggie from County Clare eased her weary bones against her rocking chair, while she puffed on her favorite corncob pipe. Dressed in woolen rags the morning air snuck between skin and loose cotton, chilling her blood to the bone. The wrinkles on her weathered face revealed her to be around seventy-six, but she had the spunk of a much young lass. Her left hand shook slightly, but clung to her sturdy shillelagh. Paper-thin lips smiled in the early morning light recalling memories from the past. A twinkle glisten in her milky eyes that had long since sunk back in her skull staring off in the vastness of the mossy glen. She was dreaming of the day she would join Liam Callahan, her long lost beloved. In her melancholies she could still see the funny little man who replayed his silly antics time and time again. Oh how she missed his bonny little face. A lone tear swam across her leathery cheek, a southerly wind lifted long strands of gray to the heavens above. She could feel the mist against her forehead as it lolled across the valley caressing her parched skin like an angel’s kiss. She could smell the sheep from higher up on the hill, leaving her longing not only for Liam, as well as a strong brew of Irish tea like the ones they shared so long ago. In the middle of all her musings, a short plump man with a bulbous nose, fat lips and shellacked hair shuffled across her path. In his left hand he carried a little black case that resembled an old Doctor’s bag.

“Hello.” He rocked sideways on his swollen ankles gawking at the old woman with a surprised look across his face.

“Top of the morning to ya.” she cackled, smiling her toothless grin.

“Can you tell me Ma’am, if I’m on the right road to Dublin Town?”

“Dublin you say?” her smile broaden showing gums in the wet recesses of her mouth. Aye. Dublin, is that way.” she retorted, flicking her pipe to the hilly south. What mighten you be wanting to do in Dublin?” she probed with stead fast eyes.



About rhondaleeauthor

Writer of western and paranormal romance.
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