Blog Challenge/ July 2014


Some say, “The home is where the heart is.” I say, “The Home is where the soul dwells.” Without a strong foundation, a home can be lost in a storm or burned to the ground like a heart dying in an empty chest. However the soul rises from within and finds a new place to dwell until God calls us back home. Give me a babbling brook, a few Pines in a wooded meadow and a log home with big open windows, and the smell of Earth infusing the air. Well, I’m as happy as a black bear eating warm honey on Sunday afternoon. There is nothing more satisfying to the soul than to curl up next to a hot fire with your loved one on a cold winter’s day or night. While holding a steaming mug of coffee or a chilled glass of wine in one hand, and a pen in another. Home is a place to settle down, a retreat of sorts, to clear one’s head and gather the cobwebs of life. Home is a place with deep roots, a safe place to bind your life’s story. Or to let your mind wonder through a book filled with fanciful champions or new found love. Home is the heart and the soul of one’s life. Home is as magical, as the dawn of a new day.



About rhondaleeauthor

Writer of western and paranormal romance.
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