7e3969801ffdad243d9898f6bb03e881[1]Blog Challenge- June 2014

I slump in the wooden chair, rolled my head and let out a contented sigh. Yes. I’m exhausted from a fun filled day at the beach. Closing my eyes, I breathed in the sweet, salty air of the ocean. I can feel the warmth of the sun’s last ray rub against my skin, shimmering in the impending twilight. I giggle with delight, thinking this is what beach therapy is all about. I can hear the rush of the surf as it glides its way across the sandy shore like a sweet melody. I let each wave cruise through my veins like helium in a balloon letting my doubts drift to the sky. Smiling gleefully, I take another breath and open my eyes to gaze at the vivid colors of turquoise blue mingling with each layer of the tide rendering the warm salty liquid to an inky blue. Amazed, I watched as shells were uncovered with each caress, like wet fingers on a rose petal. What a wonderful beginning to my Summer Vacation. It was a beautiful day spent soaking in the sun. Where life moved at a much slower pace and the people are so friendly. No traffic lights, IPhones, or blaring car horns. And in my dream like state, my mind is soothed by the whispering winds as they fondle the leaves of the palm trees surrounding me. Out in the distance, I catch the glimpse of something twinkling in the sunset. Then I realize that it was just some dolphins at play. Happily, I sink my toes into the soft- white sand feeling each tiny pebble slip through the cracks of my toes, cool and silky. That is until I felt the first prick of something extremely sharp, almost pinch like. Holding my breath, I wait, anticipating what to do next or did I, in my dreary state of mind just imagine it? I search the pile of sand as it began to dance before my eyes. Another sharp stab soon had me pulling my foot from the sand. And there dangling on the end of my little toe was an ill-behaved crab, all pink and ruddy. He looked at me with those beady little eyes as if to say. Do you mind? I’m working on dinner here! I reach out my hand, pulled him from my flesh but he wasn’t surrendering. I squeal at the mighty little creature! And then it came to me, that he’s definitely not going down without a fight. He had his two claws lifted in the air prepared to do battle like a knight with his trusty sword. And there between those beady little eyes was a munching jaw that moved like a chainsaw to a tree. With one last look at the ugly critter, I pitched him back to the ocean where he could feast on another unsuspecting quarry of his choice. Then I reached down, beside the beach-chair and raised a tulip shaped glass to my lips, sipping greedily at some mixed-up Hawaiian concoction. While I enjoyed the rest of my evening, listening to the waves swim in.                                            Have a wonderful summer everyone. Be it by the sea or by the lake, make the most of it and remember to bring that favorite book along and just enjoy the solitude of the quiet.


About rhondaleeauthor

Writer of western and paranormal romance.
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