Blog Challenge 2014- May


As we settle around our picnic tables with family and friends and we bow our heads to pray, I hope that we all can remember the ones who couldn’t be here today. Some may have lost their lives protecting us so that we can have this wonderful time with our love ones, while others may still be there tucked away from our vision on the front lines, dreaming of home. While we munch on ribs, burgers, potato salad and apple pie remember those who serve in our military are drinking water and feasting on sea rations. Also remember the wives and children who are left behind wishing, and worrying about their beloved husbands, wives, sons, daughters and most importantly fathers who serve to protect you and I. As for me, I would like to thank those who have given so much for the freedom that we all share. And I pray that God will protect you always and bring you safely home. And for those that have given their final sacrifice, I know the angels sing among you, for you are now one of them.


About rhondaleeauthor

Writer of western and paranormal romance.
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