Blog Challenge-April 2014


April Blog 2014

Terick had almost forgotten how beautiful she was. With eyes of sapphire and raven hair, she haunted him even in his sleep. But he hadn’t forgotten her essence. He could still smell her as if she was standing right before him. He stepped from the shadows of Gaft and Second. Headed for the not so quiet tavern across the street to drown out the sorrow of his beating heart and clear his mind of the dark goddess that had betrayed him. Just as his fingers reached for the knob, to allow him entrance into McNeal’s pub, a blood curdling scream drifted past his ear. He stopped midstride, turned and stare down the dark alley searching the vastness beneath a moon of gray. What the hell? Was she to be his torment for all eternity? Another scream soon sent his feet moving in the direction of where the sound emanated from. In the alley lined with stone he found her lying in a puddle of water. Unconscious and badly hurt she was bare to the elements, no shoes, no clothes. Her loveliness hit him like a pillar to his chest. He raised his arms wide and let loose a yell of his own. Why me? He asked. That was the day it rained, and it was also the day he surrender to his wings and the higher power that came with it.


About rhondaleeauthor

Writer of western and paranormal romance.
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