BlogFlash2013 Day 17 Water


The difference between water and no water is life.

The human body is around sixty percent water.

Without water we would all die.

But water is amazing in many ways.

The ocean is vast and beautiful.

Lakes are large and life giving.

Rivers are rolling and deep, they swim with life.

Streams are fun and inciting especially in the moonlight.

Creeks are interesting and are fun to walk through.

Ponds are summer’s playtime heyday.

But there is nothing more relaxing than sitting under a shade tree on a warm day. Where I can sit and read a good book beside a cascading waterfall listening to the water frolic over the stones, except maybe the tranquility of watching a fish swim in a beautiful bowl.



About rhondaleeauthor

Writer of western and paranormal romance.
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3 Responses to BlogFlash2013 Day 17 Water

  1. There’s nothing more relaxing than the sound of water. I also find it inspiring.
    Cool post, Rhonda! 🙂

  2. It is true. We all come down to water.

  3. Water is vital in so many ways. It saves lives and leaves us in awe with its array of appearances.

    Wonderful post today.

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