BlogFlash2013 Day 9 Spring


Spring is the time of renewal, a time of rebuilding and a time of birth. The sun shines warmly upon the lands while blades of grass slice through tuffs of umber. Yellow butter cups rise and open their trumpet bell-like faces and wave a cheery hello to the world. Tiny crocus, with their sharp tips, springs forth from the soil with petals of purple and white. While dogwoods bloom ivory and pink like dandelion’s heads bobbing forward in the breeze. Even before redbuds breakthrough into a world of dark pink and purple splendor. And wild apple blossoms burst forth sending a spring bouquet, and star magnolias have small daisy like flowers on long stemmed branches. While robin’s beak strikes into the dirt’s surface looking for a luscious bite. And at dusk frogs sing for their mate. Mating… Now, that’s a different story for another time. Happy Spring Everyone!



About rhondaleeauthor

Writer of western and paranormal romance.
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3 Responses to BlogFlash2013 Day 9 Spring

  1. Beautiful post, Rhonda. Spring wonderfully conveyed here.

  2. Joy Keeney says:

    You’re getting the hang of this blogging thing! Another awesome blog!

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