#BlogFlash2013 Day 2-Technology



They say its a good thing. For some maybe, for others it can be a living nightmare. I fall into the latter category. Technology seems out of reach. And its really hard for me to grasp the concept, let alone remember everything I need to do. I’m one that takes baby steps when it comes to social and computer skills. I’m brave enough to walk up to a complete stranger and ask questions but I run from technology. Hopefully it will get easier with time. Wish me luck.


About rhondaleeauthor

Writer of western and paranormal romance.
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2 Responses to #BlogFlash2013 Day 2-Technology

  1. Joy Keeney says:

    Look at all the technology you used today…you blogged, you created a new twitter, you changed your facebook author photo and lived to tell the tale. I’m so proud of you. Can’t wait to see what you come up with tomorrow.

  2. Staci Troilo says:

    Even baby steps are steps forward. I think you’re doing great. Keep it up!

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