One blog, Two blog. Red blog, Blue blog.

Oh, the fun Dr. Seuss could have had with blogging today. He was truly a fun filled, exceptional man with a vast imagination and a whimsical vocabulary and mind. And no matter what kind of mood you were in, he could always bring a smile to your lips and lightness to your heart. I’m not sure which book I fell in love with first. I think it was Green Eggs and Ham. I would read this story to my daughter over and over and she would smile time and time again.  One Saturday morning I thought I would surprise my daughter with real green scrambled egg. She wrinkled her nose and sniffed at the horrible tinted ham in an icky shade of greenish black, and shook her head at the green tinted milk that I had carefully prepared. She stuck out her tongue that reminded me of something a thorp might do and asked for a strawberry pop tart and a glass of white milk instead. I remember she had her own Thing one and Thing two dolls with a dollop of fuzzy red hair on the tips of their heads and they fit in her small hands perfectly, most of the time they were crammed into tiny pockets along with other buried treasures and the long red cape that she wore, convinced her that she could fly. That’s a whole other story. It might have been a Fox in Socks or Audra’s favorite story, One fish two fish Red fish Blue fish. But it doesn’t matter which story we read, Dr. Seuss always managed to write one funny page after another with magically silly pictures that could and would lead you from one place to many wild and unknown places in far different lands like Whoville. But, my number one favorite of all of Dr. Seuss’s forty- four children’s books was none other than The Grinch who stole Christmas. What a story that one was. One couldn’t help but to fall in love with the Grinch, who had such a tiny heart, made that way by cruel, hurtfulness, by others young and old alike. But when the Grinch was loved in return by little Cindy Lou Who, his heart grew and grew. And so did ours.  Did you know that he was born in Springfield, Massachusetts in nineteen hundred and four and he died September twenty-fourth nineteen hundred ninety-one.  He had two hundred million copies of written and illustrations and some were wrote in fifteen different languages that we brought home to read to our children and ended up loving the stories just as much as they did. He had many honors, Two Academy Awards and Two Emmy Awards and a Peabody Award and a Pulitzer Prize. What can I say? He was a brilliant writer who brought love and laughter to every page. And on that note, let me leave you with this.

“Be yourself, because the people who mind don’t matter. And the people that matter don’t mind.”

I say “A kiss is a kiss, but Dr. Seuss, we will always miss.”

Written for WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge “Stylish Imitation”


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4 Responses to One blog, Two blog. Red blog, Blue blog.

  1. Joy Keeney says:

    Way to go Rhonda!! Loved the blog!! Good job 🙂

  2. eof737 says:

    Another Dr. Seuss fan! It seems to be the popular one on this go around. Good job! 🙂

  3. leahJlynn says:

    Dr. Seuss is the best he could be interrupt for the child and the adult.

  4. The Amazing Audge says:

    I wore the cape because I was born a superhero! I had to learn eventually that not all superhero’s can fly; I had to discover what my special powers were, albeit the hard way!

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